Information about the Japanese Language Research Center

The Japanese Language Research Center is an educational and research institute of Osaka Shoin Women's College in Osaka, Japan, established in April 1993. The functions of the Center are twofold, encompassing both education and research. In its research capacity, the Center provides a broad-based environment in which scholars from various fields can conduct research in linguistic and cultural studies, free of the boundaries of academic specialization. In its educational aspect, the Center provides and coordinates courses to instill Japanese students with a more substantial and well-rounded knowledge of their own language and offers a minor in Japanese as a Foreign Language Education.

The center staff consist of two full-time faculty members, Professor Yukio Nishihata and Associate Professor Hiroshi Tahara , as well as several faculty members from other universities.

One of the activities of the Center is providing an office for DB-West, the Western Japan Japanese Language and Literature Database Society. This is an academic organization which hosts semi-annual conferences for scholars and educators in the field. If you would like to find out more, please email us at DB-West.

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