Osaka Shoin Women's College
1996 Long Seminar Graduation Theses

In Japan, undergraduate students spend their senior year working on a graduation thesis. Here are the projects that my students are working on. The Japanese version of this page includes short summaries of the projects and color photos of the students.
  1. Takagi, Hisaka. Differences in the Attitudes of Japanese and Foreigners toward the Usage of Dialect by Learners of Japanese
  2. Okumura, Nobuyo. Changes in the Usage of Ohayo 'Good Morning'
  3. Sugimoto, Kikumi. Situational Variation in the Speech of Men and Women: Differences in Male, Female and Mixed-sex Groups
  4. Kamino, Chizuru. The Usage and Structure of "Goroawase"
  5. Kira, Tomoko. Dialect in Internet Home Pages: A Look at Language Attitudes
  6. Iwane, Yuka. The Communication Behavior of Adults towards Children: The Relationship between Verbal and Non-verbal Behavior
  7. Inagaki, Hiromi. Regional Differences in Japanese Sign Language
  8. Ida, Tomoyo. Honorifics Usage and Consciousness: The Language Behavior of Store Clerks toward Customers
  9. Masuda, Michiyo. The Comprehension of Loanwords Used in the Print Media
  10. Shinden, Yuka. Dialect and Standard Japanese in the Utterances of Children: With Special Attention to Television and Living Environments
  11. Kitamoto, Junko. The Usage of Young People's Slang in Different Social Groups: A Look at Onomatopoeia and Mimesis
  12. Kimura, Kiyoka. The Usage of Japanese Former Colonies: Focusing on the South Pacific Islands

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