The origin of the "increase" in INCREASE CORPORATION's name comes from the principle of "increasing returns".

It is our hope to produce high quality yields for our clients.

We have always considered it important for the clients to get results in proportion to their investment, from getting a grasp of market trends, advertising projects and forming suitable marketing plans, to producing business promotion tools, such as catalogs and proposals. We also place importance on the practical use and development of a unique network based on various fresh marketing data, working from on set concept.

Marketing is the nucleus of business activity. From having had the opportunity to work with the active departments (sales, planning, etc.) of various corporations, Increase, to this day, has endeavored to be like a bonding agent for its various clients.

We will continue to do our best to tackle the problem of how best to get an "increase in returns" for each company, from providing multifaceted sources to forming marketing strategies and expanding business scope.


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