It easy to do an extremely accurate market survey,
by mobilizing 200 staff at once to take a detailed survey
using a psychological approach.

We put to maximum use a sample of female university students (on the scale of 10,000) in the Kansai region, who most strikingly show Japan's consumer idiosyncrasies.

The collection and analysis of the data we come into contact with everyday is the market research that has a wide range of uses. Basically, the most reliable and familiar information is that which is systematically gathered first hand by first class sales people, through communication with their customers, and is then analyzed.
However, the sales people are pressed with their sales targets and do not have much time to take note of everything; it is difficult to get a good grasp of the users' needs, because they are blocked by the vendors; and it is time consuming setting up the angle to conduct the research from. The reality is that difficult problems seem to hang around.
In this situation, Increase makes an original approach possible so as to get an efficient and high quality grasp of the market trends from as objective a viewpoint as possible, based on an enormous sample and the cooperation of psychologists.

Increase has already secured an original sample focusing on male and female university students in the Kansai area, centering on the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe area. Through our network, we can also secure a sample to the scale of 10,000 female university students that will provide many indicators with which to get a clear picture of Japanese consumer trends.
It is easy to expect extremely accurate results of the market survey scene, as it is not a previously contracted sample which is used to being polled like other companies' market monitors.

We guarantee complete secrecy on who is carry out marketing activities and why.

It goes without saying that marketing is ultimately the delicate part of business activities.
At Increase, we guarantee complete secrecy when saving document files of written reports on the results from market research and the production of business promotion tools such as catalogs and proposals, and even when using the communication network.
We have equipment, which is guarded by password and not online, used exclusively for DTP when producing and storing documents and we rely on the traditional methods of communication when submitting reports or results, even when requested otherwise.


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