Marketing in Japan for your company.

Market Research

As outlined in page of Market Research.

Marketing Plan

We look for possible avenues for entry into the market and put together a report outlining suitable strategies.

Production Advertising Tools

We can create the design and copy, and organise the photo shoots and printing of the marketing tools, based on the marketing plan. We can also handle the distribution of the material. This is not only necessary for users, but also to get domestic distributors. We can also produce the necessary sales manuals use in Japan.

The key is sorting through the information sources, such as general magazines, newspapers and various white papers.

The change from military demand to civilian demand in the ex-Eastern bloc countries is probably a model example of business opportunities expanding in unimaginable ways. It is essential to execute a marketing strategy that hits the target, by putting out antennas to pick up all the data that fills the streets. Increase wants to help you in your marketing activities by taking the stance: "In what situation can this company's potential be extended, and with what information and know-how?"

We will look hard at the collected data based on your company's policy, ultimately from a third person's viewpoint.

The large number of help-wanted ads in an employment magazine can be taken to mean that staff turn over is high and economic stability is deteriorating or, that companies are turning to securing new business chances and the economy is livening up. Take any one of the number of employment agencies and the interpretations will vary. How you interpret this point holds extremely important implications for marketing. Increase aims at attaching importance to examining the situation, not just collecting the data for the research.

Set up a business indicator and form an effective business promotion plan.
How to utilize the results gained from the survey? In a sense, this point is the key.

If you make marketing research and its observations the first step in planning sales strategies, from there, the last step would be the work deciding on a definite business plan. Catalog production and advertising become the tools to hit the target, when the first step, namely the concept work, is meticulously carried out. In the above ways, Increase aims at showing concrete marketing indicators, from market research and observations, to the actual business promotion plan starting with the advertising strategies and the direction of the business promotion.


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